Care in your own home

A person’s home is their castle, a place where they are able to feel the most comfortable. Whether that is surrounded by loved ones or just with their feet up in front of the telly, Acre Care’s ‘Care in your own home’ plans provide care and support where a person is happiest. If you or a loved one require round-the-clock dementia care or simply help with the odd job around the house, we build a care plan that suits you.

The service we provide:

Acre Care’s ‘Care In Your Own Home’ plans are built according to a person’s needs and desires, even ensuring that their carers have the right personalities to work with them as an individual. No decision as important as care should be done by halves, which is why we continue to prioritise your independence and comfort within our plans.

We offer an initial free consultation, during which you can raise any questions or concerns that you might have. Meanwhile, we will also get to know you a little bit better and begin to craft a plan that works for you. If you would like loved ones involved with the process, then we can also work with them to make sure that everything is just how you like it.

Who will care for my loved one?

Acre Care Homecare staff are trained to support individuals with day-to-day tasks to help them live independently in their own homes. From walking the dog, gardening, and helping to make dinner to more complex care needs that require a trained professional.

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If you would like to find out more about how we might be able to provide a helping hand, please get in touch with a member of our team using the contact page below. All services are listed below – just click on a link for more information. Alternatively, email us with any questions or inquiries – we are here to help and to provide the best possible, professional care.

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